A downloadable game for Windows

Spellheart is a fun multiplayer action game that you can play with your friends for free! With a customizable server that anyone can host, the possibilities are endless.

There are no classes in this game. As the player learns abilities and chooses items, the player creates his own class.
Since the player decides his/her own class each match, the gameplay is dynamic.

Because of dynamic classes, there is no "best build", as players must counter each other in order to win.

Install instructions

The file to download is just an installer for the launcher of the game. The launcher will keep the game updated to the latest version.




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this looks a lot like a game on steam called spellwake. except the menus are blue and there is no real login.

It is true that a login is not required to play Spellheart. Accounts are only used to save unlocked items for your account.

Spellwake used the same core as I did on this game. Spellwake is a hobby project of my brother and I and many 3D models and much of the code from Spellheart is used on that project.

Unable to even launch the game. No executables found.

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Sorry for a late response!

Did the installer not create any .exe file at all?

I tried it from scratch but it seems to work correctly here. What OS are you using?

Have you tried the installer with your anti-virus disabled? It might delete all .exe files automatically.

The executable is saying there are no executables found.

Trying out of the itch.io app, instead doing a manual download which appears to work. Sorry for the confusion.